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Graphics and Image retouching

Nothing, other than your actual content, is more important than the images and graphics used to help present your message and products. Woollybear Web can create or edit the graphics you need to do this with style.

We are expert in many graphics programs available today, including Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. We have been using all of these programs since our beginning in early 1998, and are completely at home in their use, creating and editing all the graphics you need right here at Woollybear. This allows for more flexibility in what can be used, and less cost to you in time and effort finding just the right look for your site.

Sometimes the images you have of your products, location or staff are less than perfect, and need some retouching to get them looking right. We are highly experienced in this area, and have successfully brought images back to usefulness from almost black slides to aged and cracked photos. We can remove, enhance or add backgrounds, add items in and anything you need to get your message across graphically.

As you can see from the examples below,  we can enhance images, change contents completely, and even be just a bit silly.

Logo Creation or re-creation

A logo graphic is one that should make a statement about your company or service, and be useful in branding and identity not only on the web, but in print advertising, business cards and essentially all forms of presenting your brand to the world. Why not let us come up with a logo for you; one that can be resized for any need from business cards to billboards. A vector based logo can do just that, and we're the experts you've been looking for.

Some of the examples below are plain "raster" logos (pixel based), others are vectors (numeric, allowing for resizing without losing quality)
Why not contact us to have your logo created today? We offer stand alone logo creation, in either raster or vector format, as well as including one with any paid design agreement.

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