Starting this morning, the datacenter where we have servers started having issues resolving domain names to IP addresses of the server they're on. Symptoms will include pages not loading or loading slowly, and email services interruptions. We have not yet heard how long that might be to repair, but will post back here once we do.
Sorry for any inconvenience you may experience, this one is out of our control.

UPDATE: 8:15 AM Eastern
Seems the issue is being caused by a common carrier of internet routing and traffic (transit provider), and not the DC we're in. It's affecting large portions of the internet, and may take a while to correct.

UPDATE 12 PM Eastern
Looks as though the folks responsible for that transit issue have fixed quite a lot of it, and most services are coming back on line around the web. This was and is still a widely distributed issue, and may take time to fully resolve. For now, it looks like all our servers are available from most locations.

Sunday, August 30, 2020

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