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Adding a cron job (Advanced mode)
Posted by Roy Petersen on Feb-15-2007 12:16 PM
Cron jobs are automated actions carried out a predetermined times using the cron program (daemon) on the server. It will read all scheduled jobs from a file, and run them when specified automatically. Find the "Cron Job" icon on the main cPanel page, and click it. The next page will offer a choice of "Advanced" or "Standard". Below is a screen capture of the "Advanced" method.
  • Minute: the minute of each hour the cron will execute
  • Hour: the hour of the day it will run (military style 24 hour clock). For every hour, use *.
  • Day: Day of the month it will run, from 1-31. For every day, use *.
  • Month: Spelled out month it should run (ie:January), or use * for every month.
  • Weekday: Spelled out weekday (ie:Wednesday) or use * for every day.
  • Command: What cron is supposed to run.
  • Adding a cron job (Advanced mode)