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What is mail bombing and how does it effect my e-mail service?
Posted by Roy Petersen on Feb-15-2007 12:16 PM
E-mail bombers are malicious programs which intentionally deliver a large number of e-mail messages to your mailbox with the intention of flooding a persons mailbox. Most e-mail bombers are capable of sending out 2-5 e-mail messages per second, delivering many thousands of unwanted e-mail messages to the recipients' mailbox. This would take quite some time to download, and the POP3 server would most likely timeout before completing such a task.

To combat these activities, we have setup a mail bomb detector on our SMTP server. This program will automatically detect when any user appears to be the victim of a mail bomb. The program defines a mail bomb as occurring when any client receives 50 e-mail messages from the same sender within a one hour time frame. These messages can be different, it does not matter.

If this occurs, please notify us immediately. We will take action to block the sender from continuing with the attack.