How do I connect to my account via FTP? Print

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Open your FTP application.

  1. Create a new site definition. To do this, click "connect", and then "create site".
  2. Enter a "friendly" name to call the site, and click "next".
  3. Enter your IP address (or "", without "quotes")in the field named "Host Name/Address:".
  4. Now enter your login on your account in the box corresponding with "User ID".
  5. Enter a single slash ('/') where is asks for the initial remote directory
  6. Enter your account password in the field named "Password".

Finally, make sure that the "Anonymous" box is not checked. You may choose to select the box entitled "Save Pwd" this will store your password for future use.
Now press the "OK" button near the bottom left of the window and you will automatically be logged into your account via FTP.

If your FTP program has the ability to connect using SFTP, this is preferred, as plain FTP isn't as secure and passes information "in the open" during transfers.
If you would like the settings for using SFTP on the server your account is on, please reach out to us in support.

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