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You may receive an email regarding one of your domains that tries to tell you there has been a "DNS propagation delay" on your domain. The email is purported to be from Cpanel, and has a title like "Action required: cPanel-YOURDOMAIN.TLD (cPanel-910491)". This is not from cPanel or us. This is from a third party trying to fool you into following that link and handing over your cPanel login to them. The one we received linked to a site that was designed to look exactly like a cPanel login, but close inspection of the address bar showed the real location: gigglesip.com. It's been registered since 2013, and has no real site on it.

Be careful out there. *ALWAYS* be sure the link you're clicking goes to where you think it's going before acting. Remember, you can ask us about anything like this, at any time. Happy to help if you're just not sure about something.

The content may contain something like this:

Our softwares have detected

DNS propagation delay on your domain

Check it out![Links to http://cPanel.YOURDOMAIN.2083.scammers.domain/?cpanel=YOURDOMAIN]


 *You will be asked to relogin to your cPanel account

 and we will automaticaly recheck the status of your DNS delay issue

 for the next 24 hours.


Need additional help? Browse our support options[Links to #].

In an HTML aware email program, it may look something like this:

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