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Domain Registry of America, Domain Registry of Canada, Liberty Names.

Whatever name they go under, chances are you've heard from at least one of these, with dire warnings that your domain name is "about to expire" and that you can renew now to prevent that. Trouble is, they can't renew it, because they aren't the registrar of record, we are. If you read very carefully, this is an offer to move your domain, not renew it.


All renewal notices and reminders will come directly from Woollybear, always.

This company creates these letters to look just like an official invoice, and many people have been caught by it and switched to this company. The only reason they are still around is that it says on it that it's not an invoice. The only reason it says that is because they were forced to include it after numerous consumer complaints some years ago. (see: ).

We've provided a sample of one of these letters for you.


Don't be fooled, this is absolutely a trick to get you to switch to this company by deceptive means. Read anything that appears to be an invoice, and for as long as you're with our company, invoices will come directly from us, and if mailed, will have our letterhead, clearly identifying Woollybear as the sender.

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