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We've been seeing an increase in the number of scams related to domain name renewals, and the most recent one is particularly interesting. In it, the sender claims to be offering to renew your domain with your current provider, by paying through them (more likely they will take your credit card information and do nothing about your name). For the record, any and all domain renewal notices will come directly from Woollybear Web, and never, ever from any third party.

This is the most recent email scam, with the actual domain name (that had just renewed a few days prior) it was referring to edited.

Don't fall for this, and double check directly with us if you receive *any* solicitations regarding your domain, email or hosting account that is with Woollybear.

-=-= email begins -=-=

Valued domain holder

This is to remind you that, your domain name is about to expire 60 days .

Renew your domain automatically with a Domain Renewal.

Click here if you wish to extend the expiry date of your domain



The renewal process will automatically be initiated once you have completed the payment.


Sincerely ISP Renewal


Additional info.

You receive a reminder from us when you have a domain name that is about to Expire.  Domain Renewal monitors domain names and renews your domain names through your existing Internet service provider. If you choose to prolong your domain name please use the link above. You can also ask your existing domain provider to renew your domain for you.  If you order us to renew your domain name, we will not make any changes in the whois information or change internet service provider. The only changes will be a new expire date. You can see the total fee for your renewal by clicking on the link.

You can contact our customer center if you have any questions regarding your domain. The customer center can be reached at

Tel: +44 20 3318 1883

Fax: +44 20 3318 1884

-=-= end email -=-=


The domain "" is owned by someone in Latvia, and has absolutely nothing to do with us in any way.

It was sent with a return address containing "", registered just a few days ago and likely a "throw away" name to be discarded once it gets reported enough.

Be careful out there, scams are all around us.

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