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Had this email arrive recently, apparently triggered by registering a domain name several days ago (4, in fact). It's an absolute scam, meant to elicit a response where you sign up for some service they offer.
Be careful, and don't follow random links regarding domains or hosting that are not from us without asking, please.

It was sent from:
From: "Domain Support - {{last_name or \"Hosting\"}}" <info@beatriciphotography.co.uk>
<<< (the info in the curly braces {} is their script failing to properly manage "placeholders") >>>
To: <<my email>>
Reply-To: "Domain Support - {{last_name or \"Hosting\"}}" <support@searchregistrar.com>

The email:
Thank you for claiming <<yourdomain>>.com yesterday.

The URL is now available for use in your Namesilo, LLC account.

To complete registration, please click here. << (links to the scammers site)

Without this registration, your website will not appear on search indexes like Google, MSN, Yahoo, Bing and more.

Don’t allow this registration to expire without completing it here.

Thank you,

Matthew G

Domain Support

About the Internet Domain Registration Authority (IDRA).

We’re the folks who manage the registry that develops policies to support the global internet community. << (they are not any such thing)

You are receiving this email because you recently performed an action regarding a domain name and this is the email address listed in our database as the registrant for the domain. It’s important that you are made aware of changes / updates regarding your domain names and therefore you are unable to stop receiving these important transaction notifications.

Registrant ID: (random_number)

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